This is where I plan to post some of my own writings. Currently I work on two topics:

Identity politics – Tragic expression of Needs

Social Change – Can we make it playful and win-win?
I want people to change their behaviour only if they do it from free will and with joy.
Social privilege – a concept from social sciences – seems to stimulate much misunderstanding, division and pain between people and within people. In my view this jars with the fundamental assumption of NVC, the truth that we all have our subjective truth and it is constantly changing. Creating a needs based picture on the basis of “group identity” (social science perspective) reduces human beings to a static state, which does violence to life in us and others.
Please enjoy your privilege and please enjoy my pain. Let us make changes only if we trust that all parties fully support this change from a place of free will and joyfulness.

Support for Peace, Freedom and Protection of Life in Ukraine
I want to share some resources that I find helpful in connecting directly with the human souls in this beautiful country, fighting for its survival.

On the Subject of Discourse
In this paper I explain how Lacan envisions the four possible ways of social bonds we experience as “language beings” in the interdependent space of our existence.
I did this research into psychoanalytic linguistics years before encountering the compassion-based approach to communication and I seek to understand how the approach of Lacan can complement the compassion-based approach. It strikes me that apart from the difference between “intention” and “impact” relating to any act (including speaking and hearing), Lacan posits two additional categories. First the unconscious as an inaccessible area (structured like a language, but only palpalpable by miscommunication and lapsus or dreams) – the place of truth – and then the place of the other as imaginary or “style is the person we speak to” – which is not the actual other and not the place of the product.
I’d appreciate your view on this topic.