Blogs and Sharings

I offer here a varie­ty of inspi­ring resour­ces, as I see it. Enjoy.

  • Walter Wink — Nonviolence for the Violent — The Third Way (1987)
    Hearing and rea­ding this paper given by Walter Wink many years ago, has ope­ned my eyes for the empowe­ring and inspi­ring mes­sa­ge in the actions and words of Jesus Christ. I can con­nect with this kind of Christianity, which — from my expe­ri­ence — had been lost in the Christian cul­tu­re I grew up with and which I see being prac­ti­ced in many instan­ces around me.
  • Marshall Rosenberg — Full pre­sence (Intellectual Understanding and Empathy)
    Marshall Rosenberg shares about this most important ele­ment of empa­thy and a key dis­tinc­tion bet­ween two kinds of under­stan­ding that can be ali­ve in us — intel­lec­tu­al under­stan­ding and com­pas­sio­na­te under­stan­ding. Being awa­re of this key dis­tinc­tion empowers us, when our inten­ti­on is to con­nect to the life ener­gy in our­sel­ves and others.
  • Martin Luther King — Loving Your Enemies (1957)
    I find this ser­mon con­tains insights that meets my needs for hope, that we can move towards healing and recon­ci­lia­ti­on of human­kind on all levels. From per­so­nal rela­ti­ons­hips, fami­lies, com­mu­nities onto the recon­ci­lia­ti­on bet­ween nations.