Do you have a conflict with someone and do you wish to come to a mutually satisfying solution, but have run out of hope that there is such a way?

You may consider to hire a lawyer and pursue your interests in front of a court. This may be expensive, emotionally very costly and end up with a frustrating result as well. But maybe you will win, leaving the other party behind in frustration.

Mediation is a rather inexpensive way, where you can try to solve the conflict in a way that works well for both parties. A mediator is a third sider, who holds the interests of each side with equal care and helps the two conflict parties to hear each other in a mutually satisfying way. From this point of mutual understanding a solution is mostly available in less than 20 minutes.

Consider being part of a solution, where you have a say in what the solution is – rather than having to abide to what comes out of a legal conflict.

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