Do you have a con­flict with someone and do you wish to come to a mutual­ly satis­fy­ing solu­ti­on, but have run out of hope that the­re is such a way?

You may con­sider to hire a lawy­er and pur­sue your inte­rests in front of a court. This may be expen­si­ve, emo­tio­nal­ly very cos­t­ly and end up with a frus­t­ra­ting result as well. But may­be you will win, lea­ving the other par­ty behind in frustration.

Mediation is a rather inex­pen­si­ve way, whe­re you can try to sol­ve the con­flict in a way that works well for both par­ties. A media­tor is a third sider, who holds the inte­rests of each side with equal care and helps the two con­flict par­ties to hear each other in a mutual­ly satis­fy­ing way. From this point of mutu­al under­stan­ding a solu­ti­on is most­ly available in less than 20 minutes.

Consider being part of a solu­ti­on, whe­re you have a say in what the solu­ti­on is — rather than having to abide to what comes out of a legal conflict. 

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