Workshops in English


3d 10.–12.6.2022 Dalia Verbyle and John Gather
Introduction to Nonviolent Communication — 2022
at Priest Seminary in Kaunas, Lithuania
3d 3.–5.6.2022 Dalia Verbyle and John Gather
Shame — Deepening the Practice of NVC
at Guronys Retreat Center, Lithuania


3d 4.–6.12.20 Dalia Verbyle and John Gather
Forgiveness — Deepening the Practice of NVC
Practice the ori­gi­nal heal­ing and recon­ci­lia­ti­on pro­cess as pre­sen­ted by Marshall Rosenberg.
19.10.2020 Franca Onyibor and John Gather
Weaving Stories that Nurture and Build Peace
Offered at the NVC Global Rising Festival, 16.–19.10.2020


5d 21.–25.07.19 Barbara Leitner and John Gather
Workshop in Lithuania
Compassionate Living:
Deepening the Practice of Nonviolent Communication