5-Track Sonogram Analysis

Here I publish my 5-Track Sonogram Analyis of Gesang der Jünglinge im Feuerofen by Karlheinz Stockhausen. You can use it privately for free. If you use it in a professional environment, please cite my authorship.

Page 1 of Sonogram Analysis of Gesang der Jünglinge (1956) by Stockhausen

It is an analytic work made up of sonograms for each of the five tracks that were originally meant to be performed as such. My analysis can be read like a score – the symbols in the score offer the possibility to connect back to the sketch materials and dive deeper into each sound in the music.

A sample page of the electronic score by Stockhausen

The extensive published sketch materials for this seminal work in the history of modern music – having an unearthy beauty to it in my view – are available from the Stockhausen Verlag:

Exerpt of Stockhausen Verlag catalog (link)
Facsimile Edition 2001
(special edition of all the sketches in colour)
(308 bound paes, hard cover)

Please listen to the music, if you are unfamiliar with this work:

Electronic Music, 1956

Have fun!