Motivational Letter

I want people to experience the magic of empathy, experiencing needs in their body, feeling the sweet pain of soul healing. Connection.

I want to be compassionate with others and myself, with the loving presence of my soul, free of judgments, with the sole intention to follow what wants to show itself beyond the words or actions.

I want people to feel the meaningfulness and vulnerable fear of honest self-expression … and the power in requests, when offered as a joyful present.

I want people to experience openheartedness in speaking and hearing, to follow their hearts so that their thoughts, words and actions may all serve life.

I want people to learn to hear the beauty in a No.

I want people to find the courage to say No, to stand true to themselves and their values.

Not demanding, but persevering. Dialogue instead of either-or.

I want people to cry and laugh from their heart, free.

As close and alive as children. Discovering the world together.

I want to see play in people‘s life – sparkling eyes, smiles of joy.

In spaces created from and with group energy, I want people to feel connection with the divine life energy, which flows in us, through us and all around us … an energy more essential than all status and outer semblances of power and might.

I want people to meet the vulnerability and needs behind their shame.

Loving. Mindful. Holy.

I want to see enemies turn into friends. Within myself … and in the world out there.

I want to take responsibility for what I hear, say and do. I want to feel my power to shape my life and relationships. I want to connect often with my intentions to enrich life and each day I want to hear, speak and act from that energy.

Once each day I want to feel love from choice in my heart. Gratitude.

For air and water, for presence and moments, for aliveness and the soul in all.

I want to accept myself in my beauty and I want to love myself with honesty – with my intentions, my successes and failings, with my laughing and crying, my growing and learning, my stuckness too – in my very own way of bringing love into the world.

I want to lead groups with love, supporting awareness of needs and openness for the here and now, finding balance in the management of time, inspiring courage for authenticity, recovering humanity. Breathe.

I want to feel human among humans, in partnership and community at eye level, in the warmth of hearts, giving and receiving trust, in resource sharing and dignity for all.

I want to each day celebrate the divine energy, which flows in and through all.

I want to start and shape projects of healing and reconciliation in Eastern Europe.

With Dalia in Lithuania.

With Yaga in Poland.

I want to start a parent support program in Europe/Germany, similar to the project founded by Inbal Kashtan in the USA (Parent Peer Leadership Program).

With Barbara.

I want to start a giraffe family – a group resting on shared intentions and free commitments of the heart. This family offers its members a home for the hearts, a belonging with understanding and vulnerability, with times for celebration and mourning as well as mutual support. The members support each other in their heart healing and growth as well as in concrete projects, in which members may engage to contribute to a more peaceful world. With Yaga, Nikolaas, Friedrich, Sheri, Franca, Sun-Mi and other buddies of mine.

I want to deepen my honest expression and need support for that. I want to explore my shame and further cultivate the space between stimulus and reaction. I want to liberate the jackal inside more fully, to connect more with my root energy, beyond any norms of being nice or being friendly.

Bye-bye, friendly giraffe. 🙂

I want to network more and more – in order to receive or give feedback, so that we all can serve life better, so that we can all be fully empowered in this life.

Together with others I want to shape a world in which we all want to live.

What I hear, say or do next will change my world.

This is why I want to engage in the path of certification – as a journey to the dreams of my soul, here and now. Together with others, who also chose to be on this journey, accompanying me for some time. For encounters, connection, support and growth, serving and healing … and integrity.

Together I want to practice and further develop the process of nonviolent communication, its base modalities, the various key differentiations that my guide us in our daily lives. I want to celebrate and honor the spirituality of divine needs.

Passing the CNVC certification, I want to be seen in my intentions and strengths. Thereby I wish to feel and nourish in me the belonging to a community. The certification process constitutes a piece of embodied love and healing for me, the process is of great significance to me. When I look at how important it was for me to find the words for this motivational letter – words that deeply resonate in me as my truth – I get in touch with my fear, my hunger for acceptance and belonging.

I gladly receive feedback – what is touched in you, when you read my letter?

Written from my heart,

John Gather – June 7, 2018