Motivational Letter

I want peop­le to expe­ri­ence the magic of empa­thy, expe­ri­en­cing needs in their body, fee­ling the sweet pain of soul healing. Connection.

I want to be com­pas­sio­na­te with others and mys­elf, with the loving pre­sence of my soul, free of judgments, with the sole inten­ti­on to fol­low what wants to show its­elf bey­ond the words or actions.

I want peop­le to feel the mea­ning­ful­ness and vul­nerable fear of honest self-expres­si­on … and the power in requests, when offe­red as a joy­ful present.

I want peop­le to expe­ri­ence open­he­ar­ted­ness in spea­king and hea­ring, to fol­low their hearts so that their thoughts, words and actions may all ser­ve life.

I want peop­le to learn to hear the beau­ty in a No.

I want peop­le to find the cou­ra­ge to say No, to stand true to them­sel­ves and their values. 

Not deman­ding, but per­se­ve­ring. Dialogue ins­tead of either-or.

I want peop­le to cry and laugh from their heart, free.

As clo­se and ali­ve as child­ren. Discovering the world together.

I want to see play in people‘s life – spar­k­ling eyes, smi­les of joy.

In spaces crea­ted from and with group ener­gy, I want peop­le to feel con­nec­tion with the divi­ne life ener­gy, which flows in us, through us and all around us … an ener­gy more essen­ti­al than all sta­tus and outer sem­blan­ces of power and might.

I want peop­le to meet the vul­nera­bi­li­ty and needs behind their shame.

Loving. Mindful. Holy.

I want to see enemies turn into friends. Within mys­elf … and in the world out there.

I want to take respon­si­bi­li­ty for what I hear, say and do. I want to feel my power to shape my life and rela­ti­ons­hips. I want to con­nect often with my inten­ti­ons to enrich life and each day I want to hear, speak and act from that energy.

Once each day I want to feel love from choice in my heart. Gratitude.

For air and water, for pre­sence and moments, for ali­veness and the soul in all.

I want to accept mys­elf in my beau­ty and I want to love mys­elf with hones­ty – with my inten­ti­ons, my suc­ces­ses and fai­lings, with my laug­hing and cry­ing, my gro­wing and lear­ning, my stuck­ness too – in my very own way of brin­ging love into the world.

I want to lead groups with love, sup­por­ting awa­reness of needs and open­ness for the here and now, fin­ding balan­ce in the manage­ment of time, inspi­ring cou­ra­ge for authen­ti­ci­ty, reco­vering huma­ni­ty. Breathe.

I want to feel human among humans, in part­ners­hip and com­mu­ni­ty at eye level, in the warm­th of hearts, giving and recei­ving trust, in resour­ce sharing and digni­ty for all.

I want to each day cele­bra­te the divi­ne ener­gy, which flows in and through all.

I want to start and shape pro­jects of healing and recon­ci­lia­ti­on in Eastern Europe.

With Dalia in Lithuania.

With Yaga in Poland.

I want to start a parent sup­port pro­gram in Europe/Germany, simi­lar to the pro­ject foun­ded by Inbal Kashtan in the USA (Parent Peer Leadership Program).

With Barbara.

I want to start a giraf­fe fami­ly – a group res­ting on shared inten­ti­ons and free com­mit­ments of the heart. This fami­ly offers its mem­bers a home for the hearts, a belon­ging with under­stan­ding and vul­nera­bi­li­ty, with times for cele­bra­ti­on and mour­ning as well as mutu­al sup­port. The mem­bers sup­port each other in their heart healing and growth as well as in con­cre­te pro­jects, in which mem­bers may enga­ge to con­tri­bu­te to a more peace­ful world. With Yaga, Nikolaas, Friedrich, Sheri, Franca, Sun-Mi and other bud­dies of mine. 

I want to deepen my honest expres­si­on and need sup­port for that. I want to explo­re my shame and fur­ther cul­ti­va­te the space bet­ween sti­mu­lus and reac­tion. I want to libe­ra­te the jack­al inside more ful­ly, to con­nect more with my root ener­gy, bey­ond any norms of being nice or being friendly.

Bye-bye, friend­ly giraffe. 🙂

I want to net­work more and more – in order to recei­ve or give feed­back, so that we all can ser­ve life bet­ter, so that we can all be ful­ly empowe­red in this life.

Together with others I want to shape a world in which we all want to live.

What I hear, say or do next will chan­ge my world.

This is why I want to enga­ge in the path of cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on – as a jour­ney to the dreams of my soul, here and now. Together with others, who also cho­se to be on this jour­ney, accom­pany­ing me for some time. For encoun­ters, con­nec­tion, sup­port and growth, ser­ving and healing … and integrity.

Together I want to prac­ti­ce and fur­ther deve­lop the pro­cess of non­vio­lent com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, its base moda­li­ties, the various key dif­fe­ren­tia­ti­ons that my gui­de us in our dai­ly lives. I want to cele­bra­te and honor the spi­ri­tua­li­ty of divi­ne needs.

Passing the CNVC cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on, I want to be seen in my inten­ti­ons and strengths. Thereby I wish to feel and nou­rish in me the belon­ging to a com­mu­ni­ty. The cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on pro­cess con­sti­tu­tes a pie­ce of embo­di­ed love and healing for me, the pro­cess is of gre­at signi­fi­can­ce to me. When I look at how important it was for me to find the words for this moti­va­tio­nal let­ter – words that deeply reso­na­te in me as my truth – I get in touch with my fear, my hun­ger for accep­t­ance and belonging.

I glad­ly recei­ve feed­back – what is touched in you, when you read my letter?

Written from my heart,

John Gather — June 7, 2018