My Path to Compassionate Communication

Of all capacities I learned in my life, I hold most valuable the capacity of communication. Understanding and knowing how to express clearly – both in any case are a craft and sometimes an art at that. Art and craftmansship of dialogue.

When some years ago I encountered the work of Marshall Rosenberg I was fascinated by the simplicity of the Four-Step Process and enthusiastic about its possibilities. Taking part in an in-depth 15-days traing of NVC in 2013, I experienced the process of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) within myself and others. I became convinced of the potentials of this communication strategy. Among others in offers the possibility of real human liberation along with a developing inner spiritual attitude, empowering and deeply meaningful at the same time.

It´’s simple, but not easy.

Since then I did my best to learn the craftmanship of giraffe language. Being compassionate with myself and others, persistently wanting to honor my own needs and the needs of others, constantly working to increase gentleness with mistakes, knowing less and less while striving to live in a more open and vulnerable way.

On one hand it is a singular process and in the big view it is a language of life and peace.

With gratitue I recall things my NVC teachers have said or done – Miki Kashtan, Klaus Karstädt, Sabine Fiedel, Stephanie Mattei, Robert Gonzales, Esther Gerdts, Tina Schmitt, Sabine Geiger, Ingrid Bauer, Mary Mackenzie, Sylvia Haskvitz und Liv Larsson. Big heartfelt thanks.

But this here is about myself.

My guiding principle — I want to say my truth with courage and care.