Don’t make a front, make a circle

When you are at the front of the line, it is very easy to con­front, and to think that we’­re against something.

But it is actual­ly just ourselves.

So the­re is no side.

We have to begin to see that it is more circular.

Usually when you are at the front of the line, the­re is a lot of anger, a lot of discri­mi­na­ti­on, becau­se we see that the­re is the other side, the enemy. But in fact, they are also the vic­tim of our own sys­tem that we support.

So we have to real­ly main­tain that insight, that the­re is no enemy. It is also us:

We’ve also been been angry, we’­ve also lived and made choices in ignorance.

So with that, we pro­du­ce an ener­gy of com­pas­si­on and love.

So when peop­le who are at the front of the line, to main­tain that non-discri­mi­na­ti­on, the source of com­pas­si­on and love, it is very dif­fi­cult. So we need to find time, if we are in pla­ces like that. And Eddie is in the place right now, it is very hot. So per­so­nal prac­ti­ce, you have to up it a notch. To sit more regu­lar­ly, have more time to take care of yourself.

Because we are crea­tures of habits and we will say and do things that are destructive.

So don’t think that they are doing things that are dest­ruc­ti­ve. We will do the same,

if we don’t know how to take care of ourselves.

So, nou­ris­hing that insight of who­leness. There is no black and white. Don’t make a front, make a cir­cle. That way, the­re is no one to fight. It is us.

That is the insight of inter­being.b

And this is the libe­ra­ting insight that Thay has used during the Vietnam War. There is no North and no South. We are all pla­ne­ta­ry earth­lings, and we are suf­fe­ring, becau­se we don’t know. So we begin to see ‘we’ not as a nati­on, not as a group of peop­le, but ‘we’ as Earth.

And that insight will, at least, not pro­du­ce hate, and anger, etc.

When the­re is a strong emo­ti­on, come back, take care of it, becau­se it is very destructive.

You can­not take away toxin with more toxin. 

by Brother Phap Dung