Remembering Intentions

The following sentences help me to integrate my values and support me in bringing an attitude of nonviolence into every aspect of my life.

When I notice that I am unable to do what I deeply wish to do with respect to my heart intentions, I want to seek support from other people to research the obstacle. And I invite myself to see my request for support as a gift.


Heart prayers for myself 
1. I want to meet myself, my actions and decisions, my inner conflicts in an open and non-judgmental way, with compassionate understanding.

2. I want to be compassionately present for my feelings – pleasant and unpleasant ones.

3. I want to unfold my potential fully and I want to accept with compassion my fear to stand in the light.

4. I want to take responsibility for my feelings and needs as well as for my decisions and actions – especially in challenging times.

5. I want to take good care of my spiritual and physical wellbeing.

6. I want to honor my borders and respect the wisdom of my body.


Heart prayers for others 
7. I want to meet people with love, especially in challenging moments of my life.

8. I want to trust in the innocence of people, especially when I do not understand their words or actions or if I am fearful about what I hear or see.

9. I want to hold a relaxed presence when meeting strong feelings or judgments — of other people and myself.

10. I always want to honor with gratitude all opportunities to give. I want to practice generosity, even when my resources seem limited to me.


Heart prayers for the interaction with others 
11. I want to express myself in a vulnerable and authentic way and relate to others and myself in a mindful and compassionate way. I want to melt down my shame, expand my feeling of self-worth.

12. I want to see the gift in the feedback of others, in order to learn and grow.

13. I want to be able to change my interests in dialoguue, no matter how important my interests seem to me.

14. Even when there are many obstacles in a particular relationship of mine, I want to remain open to solve the problems with the support of others.


Heart prayers for all of life 
15. I want to open my heart for the abundance and universal connectedness of all life, even when I experience separation or deep isolation.

16. Even when faced with immense changes, great misfortune or deep disappointents, I want to keep open with respect to life.

17. I want to nourish gratitude for the gifts of life, even when I experience deep sorrow.


© John Gather 2019 – summarized and adapted from an earlier version of the Core Commitments by Miki Kashtan – See: