I need ammunition, not a ride

Speaking to the Ukrainian peop­le, President Zelenskyy said on February 26th in the morning:

Good morning Ukrainians!

Currently the­re are a lot of games appearing on the Internet. Like that I’m asking our army to put down arms and evacuate.

So I am here. We are not put­ting down arms. We’ll be defen­ding our coun­try becau­se our wea­pon is truth.

And our truth is that this is our land, our coun­try, our child­ren, and we will defend all of this. That is it. That’s all I wan­ted to tell you.

Glory to Ukraine!

As exp­lai­ned in a fact check by the Washington post, the famous quo­te Zelenskyy is not that easy to track down – may­be it will be easier in the future. The atti­tu­de of that moment is howe­ver well cap­tu­red by this video mes­sa­ge, I find.