I wonder

I won­der what would hap­pen
if I trea­ted ever­yo­ne
like I was in love with them,

whe­ther I like them or not
and whe­ther they respond or not
and no mat­ter what they say or do to me

and even if I see things in them
which are ugly twis­ted pet­ty cru­el
vain deceit­ful indifferent, 

just accept all that and turn my atten­ti­on
to some small weak ten­der hid­den part
and keep my eyes on that 

until it shi­nes like a beam of light
like a bon­fire I can warm my hands by
and trust it to burn away all the was­te
which is not (never was) my busi­ness to medd­le with.

– by Derek Tasker