Teleclasses at the NVC Academy

Living Compassionately in Relationship – 5 TeleclassesApr-May 2014Robert Gonzales10
The Art and Craft of Dialogue – 14 TeleclassesApr-Dec 2014Miki Kashtan28
Parent Peer Leadership Program 2014-2015 – 20 TeleclassesOct 2014 -Jun 2015I. Bauer, S. Mattei40
Self-Responsibility as a Nourishing and Liberating Force – With Sylvie Hörnig, A. Dietz, K. Karstädt, Simone Anliker – 4 Teleclasses Oct 2015Trainer Team6
Facilitating NVC Groups with Joy and Confidence – 12 TeleclassesMar-Jun 2016Mary Mackenzie 24
Parent Peer Leadership Program 2015-2016
– 20 Teleclasses
Oct 2015 -Jun 2016I. Bauer, S. Mattei40
NVC and Role Play – 3 TeleclassesDec 2016Miki Kashtan4,5
Responding to the Call of Our Times: A Leadership Coaching Program – 28 TeleclassesFeb–Sep 2017Miki Kashtan56
Hours with CNVC certified trainers:  208