The Ferryman

The fer­ry­man lis­tened very atten­tively. Listening, he absor­bed ever­ything, ori­gin and child­hood, all the lear­ning, all the see­king, all joy, all woe. One of the ferryman’s grea­test vir­tu­es was that he knew how to lis­ten like few other peop­le. Without a word, the spea­ker felt that the fer­ry­man took in his words, silent, open, wai­t­ing, mis­sing none, impa­ti­ent for none, neit­her prai­sing nor bla­ming, but only lis­tening. Siddartha felt what hap­pi­ness it is to unbur­den­ed hims­elf to such a lis­tener, to sink his own life into his listener’s heart. his own see­king, his own suffering.

— Hermann Hesse, Siddartha