Four Basic Feelings

Outside of prac­ti­ce rooms and work­shops — in real life out the­re — things are often moving fast. And then it might be chal­len­ging to con­nect to our own fee­lings and needs in the moment. So, it may­be that all that remains is the sub­jec­ti­ve world of thoughts.

When this occurs four basic fee­lings help me to re-estab­lish con­nec­tion with my heart. 

Which pure basic fee­ling do I sen­se in this moment?

Fear                          Anger                            Sadness                                 Joy

The ans­wer is likely to give me an orientation.


When I now sen­se deeper into which need is reso­na­ting through this fee­ling in my body, I might get re-con­nec­ted to my heart.

Check it out, if you feel inspi­red to do so!