Nigeria Peace Project 2016

I met Franca Onyibor from Nigeria in the Parent Peer Leadership Program of the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC).  I was fascinated to hear her speak of children in her life, hear from her how african children live.  I was touched by the liveliness, joy of living and inner riches of the people she described.  Outside dancing without shoes, singing and fighting, playing and thinking out pranks for each other…

Franca is on the path of certification as of this writing, as a communication trainer with the CNVC.  Her vision is the creation of a regional NVC Center in Nigeria.  She is supported on this path by NVC trainers in Europe and in the United States.  In these times violence is escalating between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria.  Franca wishes to share NVC with both parties, so that can find each other again in their humanity, so that they can build up trust between each other once more.

In the forthcoming autumn of 2016 she co-organizes a peace project to this end, together with CNVC-certified trainer Duke Duchscherer.

Please look at this page – a call for financial support – and share it with one or two of your friends. There you will find more detailed information on this peace project.

Thank you!