Now is the time

Don’t let the jewels remain buried
at the bot­tom of the ocean

Dive deep
Hold your breath
Let ano­ther breath brea­the you

Let the breath of the universe
pro­pel you ever deeper
into the mys­tery of Being

Surrendering to the unknown
as it unfolds in your life

Moment by moment

Miracle by miracle

What jewels will you bring
to the sur­face to share with the world?

What gold did you find hidden
in the depths of the darkness?

Wear it as a crown,
a sym­bol of the wisdom
and power discovered
in the depths of your Being

Let the voice of love
find its expression
through your heart
bro­ken or unbroken

No need to wait for perfection
to let your light shine
You’re alre­a­dy reflecting
the per­fect light

Let the heart of compassion
flow as a river of mercy
into the wounds of humanity

Now is the time

Now is the time

Now is the time

By Kathleen Rose McTeigue