My NVC Training Experience with CNVC-certified Trainers

Introduction to NVC – 5 * 2 HrsJun 2008Cornelia Timm1
Intensive Training in Basic NVC – 15 daysFeb – Oct 2013Esther Gerdts, Sabine Fiedel14
Deepening NVC skillsSep + Dec 2013Sabine Fiedel2
Mallorca retreat – Being my authentic selfMar 2014Esther Gerdts, Tina Schmitt5
Deepening NVC skillsFeb + Sep 2014Sabine Fiedel2
Deepening NVC skillsApr 2014Sabine Fiedel1
Deepening NVC skillsJun 2014Sabine Fiedel2
Deepening NVC skillsSep 2014Sabine Fiedel1
NVC training on shameNov 2014Liv Larsson2
Deepening NVC skillsNov 2014Sabine Fiedel1
Leadership Training in NVCFeb – Sep 2015Klaus Karstädt22
How to connect when shame is involved?Oct 2015Liv Larsson2
Systemtic consensus principle – Group decision makingNov 2015Klaus Karstädt3
NVC and Food, Birmingham UKDec 2015Sylvia Haskvitz3
Leveraging your Influence with NVC – Warsaw 2016Aug 2016Miki Kashtan6
Euro LIFE 2016-2017 – 4 modules of 6,5 daysMay 2016 – Nov 2017Robert Gonzales26
Embodying the Spirit of NVC (using NVC and tools from Contact Improvisation)Jun 2017Robert Krzisnick2
Exploring shame in the mediation processOct 2017Liv Larsson3
Developing the Consciousness of Peace and ReconciliationJun 2018Duke Duchscherer4
Total days with CNVC certified trainers  102