My NVC Training Experience with CNVC-certified Trainers

Introduction to NVC – 5 * 2 HrsJun 2008Cornelia Timm1
Intensive Training in Basic NVC – 15 daysFeb — Oct 2013Esther Gerdts, Sabine Fiedel14
Deepening NVC skillsSep + Dec 2013Sabine Fiedel2
Mallorca retre­at – Being my authen­tic selfMar 2014Esther Gerdts, Tina Schmitt5
Deepening NVC skillsFeb + Sep 2014Sabine Fiedel2
Deepening NVC skillsApr 2014Sabine Fiedel1
Deepening NVC skillsJun 2014Sabine Fiedel2
Deepening NVC skillsSep 2014Sabine Fiedel1
NVC trai­ning on shameNov 2014Liv Larsson2
Deepening NVC skillsNov 2014Sabine Fiedel1
Leadership Training in NVCFeb — Sep 2015Klaus Karstädt22
How to con­nect when shame is involved?Oct 2015Liv Larsson2
Systemtic con­sen­sus princip­le – Group decisi­on makingNov 2015Klaus Karstädt3
NVC and Food, Birmingham UKDec 2015Sylvia Haskvitz3
Leveraging your Influence with NVC – Warsaw 2016Aug 2016Miki Kashtan6
Euro LIFE 2016–2017 – 4 modu­les of 6,5 daysMay 2016 — Nov 2017Robert Gonzales26
Embodying the Spirit of NVC (using NVC and tools from Contact Improvisation)Jun 2017Robert Krzisnick2
Exploring shame in the media­ti­on processOct 2017Liv Larsson3
Developing the Consciousness of Peace and ReconciliationJun 2018Duke Duchscherer4
Total days with CNVC cer­ti­fied trainers  102