Support for Peace, Freedom and Protection of Life in Ukraine

In this blog I wish to share resour­ces, hel­pful to con­nect with what is going on for the peop­le in Ukraine espe­cial­ly — but also hel­pful to con­nect with peace and defen­se efforts around the world — inclu­ding also Russian peop­le who sup­port peace, free­dom and human dignity.

1. Listen to Live Ukraine TV
Even when I do not speak Ukrainian, I find it important to lis­ten to the voices and reports from the main TV chan­nel in the country.

Live broad­cast of the TV chan­nel “Ukraine 24” online.
Channel descrip­ti­on: Top news of Ukraine, poli­ti­ci­ans today and an over­view of important world news. Discussion of key events that affect the life of every Ukrainian, tog­e­ther with poli­ti­ci­ans and experts. Special reports and live broad­casts from all over the coun­try. The most important news and pro­fes­sio­nal ana­ly­tics — 24/7 on the natio­nal news chan­nel Ukraine 24.

2. True Russia
True Russia is an effort by Russians to envi­si­on a new Russia today, as we look at the cata­stro­phic situa­ti­on in Russia, living under a dic­ta­tor who con­trols media, army, judi­cial sys­tem and eco­no­my. Those Russians who want a free and demo­cra­tic Russia, peace­ful mem­ber of the fami­ly of nati­ons on this pla­net are taking their visi­on to the public here.

Please turn on “auto­ma­tic trans­la­ti­on” from Russian to English in YouTube — click on wheel on lower right of the screen.

3. Truth or Lie?
We speak and act to meet a varie­ty of needs. Sometimes the pur­po­se of spea­king is to chan­ge the beha­viour of a per­son and the need for hones­ty or truth­ful­ness beco­mes unim­portant to us. In so-cal­led pro­pa­gan­da the desi­red effect of the mes­sa­ge on a group of peop­le is more important than the truth — at least from the stand­point of tho­se who see some­thing as “pro­pa­gan­da”. The fol­lowing stu­dy espe­cial­ly focus­ses on Russian sta­te pro­pa­gan­da in its dif­fe­rent con­tem­pora­ry forms:

The Russian “Firehose of Falsehood” Propaganda Model
Why It Might Work and Options to Counter It

As the sub­tit­le sug­gests, the arti­cle is not writ­ten from a needs-based per­spec­ti­ve, but in ever­y­day domi­nan­ce cul­tu­re lan­guage — no attempt is made to hear pro­pa­gan­da as expres­sing needs and like­wi­se the needs of the aut­hors are also expres­sed in terms of stra­te­gies and judgments. I value the many obser­va­tions the aut­hors give about the dif­fe­rent cho­sen stra­te­gies.
The topic of “hones­ty” seems to me one of the most trig­ge­ring for our pain body, as we may need trust and safe­ty if com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on breaks down. 

4. Enemy images / Dehumanization
In this war I wit­ness in awe the deeply tra­gic con­se­quen­ces of enemy images. This may not be new — but when it hap­pens in such a scope and in the here and in the now, it stres­ses the need to redou­ble our efforts to find a way to express our needs without vio­lent thin­king and com­mu­ni­ca­ting and acting.

Article from the “Daily Beast” — In an attempt to dehu­ma­ni­ze their oppon­ents, sta­te TV’s pun­dits and hosts have taken to describ­ing Ukrainians as “the unclean”—with one even cal­ling “modern Ukraine” “Gollum.”

5. The Leader — Volodmyr Zelenskyy
One man who is showing cou­ra­ge, talent, resol­vem and empa­thy in order to defend the auto­no­my, free­dom and digni­ty of the Ukrainian nati­on is the cur­rent pre­si­dent of the coun­try — Zelenskyy.
He has been an incredi­ble com­mu­ni­ca­tor, crea­ting soli­da­ri­ty with Ukraine around the world, making power­ful requests and inspi­ring many with his cla­ri­ty, vul­nera­bi­li­ty and empa­thy.
Maybe “I need ammu­ni­ca­ti­on, not a ride.” may go down in histo­ry as the most emble­ma­tic moment to defi­ne the way Zelenskyy show­ed up for his coun­try and peop­le. I fear for a moment when the Russian aggres­sor will kill this man, becau­se he may be very hard to replace.

6. Iryna Venediktova — Ukraine General Prosecutor

Read the report of a mee­ting with Iryna Venediktova and a descrip­ti­on of the huge effort taking place to docu­ment Russian war crimes.

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