Support for Peace, Freedom and Protection of Life in Ukraine

In this blog I wish to share resources, helpful to connect with what is going on for the people in Ukraine especially – but also helpful to connect with peace and defense efforts around the world – including also Russian people who support peace, freedom and human dignity.

1. Listen to Live Ukraine TV
Even when I do not speak Ukrainian, I find it important to listen to the voices and reports from the main TV channel in the country.

Live broadcast of the TV channel “Ukraine 24” online.
Channel description: Top news of Ukraine, politicians today and an overview of important world news. Discussion of key events that affect the life of every Ukrainian, together with politicians and experts. Special reports and live broadcasts from all over the country. The most important news and professional analytics – 24/7 on the national news channel Ukraine 24.

2. True Russia
True Russia is an effort by Russians to envision a new Russia today, as we look at the catastrophic situation in Russia, living under a dictator who controls media, army, judicial system and economy. Those Russians who want a free and democratic Russia, peaceful member of the family of nations on this planet are taking their vision to the public here.

Please turn on “automatic translation” from Russian to English in YouTube – click on wheel on lower right of the screen.

3. Truth or Lie?
We speak and act to meet a variety of needs. Sometimes the purpose of speaking is to change the behaviour of a person and the need for honesty or truthfulness becomes unimportant to us. In so-called propaganda the desired effect of the message on a group of people is more important than the truth – at least from the standpoint of those who see something as “propaganda”. The following study especially focusses on Russian state propaganda in its different contemporary forms:

The Russian “Firehose of Falsehood” Propaganda Model
Why It Might Work and Options to Counter It

As the subtitle suggests, the article is not written from a needs-based perspective, but in everyday dominance culture language – no attempt is made to hear propaganda as expressing needs and likewise the needs of the authors are also expressed in terms of strategies and judgments. I value the many observations the authors give about the different chosen strategies.
The topic of “honesty” seems to me one of the most triggering for our pain body, as we may need trust and safety if communication breaks down.

4. Enemy images / Dehumanization
In this war I witness in awe the deeply tragic consequences of enemy images. This may not be new – but when it happens in such a scope and in the here and in the now, it stresses the need to redouble our efforts to find a way to express our needs without violent thinking and communicating and acting.

Article from the “Daily Beast” – In an attempt to dehumanize their opponents, state TV’s pundits and hosts have taken to describing Ukrainians as “the unclean”—with one even calling “modern Ukraine” “Gollum.”

5. The Leader – Volodmyr Zelenskyy
One man who is showing courage, talent, resolvem and empathy in order to defend the autonomy, freedom and dignity of the Ukrainian nation is the current president of the country – Zelenskyy.
He has been an incredible communicator, creating solidarity with Ukraine around the world, making powerful requests and inspiring many with his clarity, vulnerability and empathy.
Maybe “I need ammunication, not a ride.” may go down in history as the most emblematic moment to define the way Zelenskyy showed up for his country and people. I fear for a moment when the Russian aggressor will kill this man, because he may be very hard to replace.

6. Iryna Venediktova – Ukraine General Prosecutor

Read the report of a meeting with Iryna Venediktova and a description of the huge effort taking place to document Russian war crimes.

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